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News from The Gate

We received a very limited supply of the special alternate covers for a few D&D books. The alt covers are out of print, but are so beautiful! Don't miss it!

Facebook post   2022-12-03 17:17:25

@ginnyandcoalcc cookie pop-up at the Gate today. Come get some yummy cookies! And while you are here, get your gifts wrapped by Scouts from BSA Troop 4475 Columbia, MO

Facebook post   2022-12-03 11:13:35

The Gate will be closing early on Saturday, December 17 for staff training.

Facebook post   2022-12-02 11:00:55

Valhalla's Gate will have special holiday hours.

Facebook post   2022-12-01 21:36:03

Mystery Gifts are on sale. The sale will continue until we sell out or through mid-December.

Small Business Saturday/Sunday specials will continue until the end of the weekend.

Facebook post   2022-11-26 19:16:50

Thank you Texas Roadhouse for the sweet delivery of fresh rolls during Small Business Saturday. The staff and I appreciated the break to enjoy a treat from one of our favorite restaurants. The happytizer coupons are a welcome bonus!

Facebook post   2022-11-26 16:36:52

Newly arrived at the Gate.

Facebook post   2022-11-26 14:40:38

This year while you are grabbing deals consider picking up a new toy or game and donating it to Toys for Tots. The Gate will be collecting unwrapped items through December 10. The collection box is just inside our Event Center. Thanks for helping us make an underprivileged kids holiday special!

Facebook post   2022-11-25 13:59:58

Happy Turkey Day! We are thankful for your business. We will reopen on Friday at 11 am, when our Can't Miss Mystery Board Games go on sale.

Facebook post   2022-11-24 10:59:00

Restocked on dice trays, dice scrolls, dice bags, silicone and vegan leather dice boxes, plushie dice bags, and more.

Facebook post   2022-11-23 20:40:09

Several new roleplaying products have arrived. We also have restocks of Cyberpunk Red, GI Joe RPG, Mork Borg supplements, and 5E dragon book.

Facebook post   2022-11-23 20:35:53

New items have arrived! Wingspan Asia, Dice Advent calendar, Ransom Notes magnetic game, Heat racing game, Black Panther dice, plus lots of restocks

Facebook post   2022-11-23 19:32:05

New scenic, holiday d20s are here!

Facebook post   2022-11-23 19:28:52

Due Hard Dice restock is complete. Restocked on metals, dire d20s, bulk dice, and more.

Facebook post   2022-11-23 19:28:12

Naughty people on your list? Need a gift for fun people with a sense of humor? Get them a Lump of Coal dice bomb!

Facebook post   2022-11-22 18:16:28

The Die Hard Dice order is in progress. Check out the new lights above their polyhedral display.

Facebook post   2022-11-22 18:13:02

A dice restock from Foam Brain dice arrived today. We are in the process of reorganizing the dice display. The Die Hard Dice order is due any day, followed shortly by the Roll for Initiative dice restock. Improvements to the display should be finished by next week.

Facebook post   2022-11-17 22:41:19

4 new colors of Elixir dice d20s. These are neat. I love the liquid, glitter centers

Facebook post   2022-11-15 18:19:27

New silicone sharp-edge dice from MDG. These are fun to roll. I love the bounciness!

Facebook post   2022-11-15 18:18:26

New silicone Dice Keepers from Metallic Dice Games. Plus a few Adopt a Misfit Mystery dice boosters with a mix-matched set of metallic dice

Facebook post   2022-11-15 18:16:49

Tons of new items plus plenty of restocks arrived today!

Facebook post   2022-11-15 17:24:15

Gift Wrapping at the Gate opportunities

Facebook post   2022-11-12 16:41:37

Veterans who stop by the Gate on November 11 should let staff know. We have cards from BSA Troop 4475 Columbia, MO to give to you.

Facebook post   2022-11-11 16:57:59

Pokemon Silver Tempest releases today. We have boosters and elite trainer boxes available.

Facebook post   2022-11-11 11:40:41

MTG Brother's War prerelease starts today. Players can pick up @Home prerelease kits, set boosters, draft boosters, jumpstart and collector boosters for the Brother's War expansion. We have BW Prerelease events on Friday at 6 pm, Saturday at 12:30 pm, and Sunday at 12:30 pm.

Facebook post   2022-11-11 11:39:06