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News from The Gate

The Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook is getting a facelift in September 2024. The revised Fifth Edition is packed with 384 pages of new and improved player options, equipment, spells, and more. This core rulebook is the largest Player?s Handbook in Dungeons & Dragons history.

We will have both the alternate hobby covers and the regular edition covers, releasing September 3.

Preorder your 2024 Player's Handbook today!

Facebook post   2024-06-18 20:13:15

Special old-school roleplaying opportunity on July 3 from 6-9 pm.

Facebook post   2024-06-17 14:38:36

Preorder your copy of either the regular cover or the alternate cover for D&D Quests from the Infinite Staircase. This new book will release for hobby stores on July 9.

This anthology weaves a cosmic thread through six classic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventures, updated for the game?s fifth edition. You can run these unforgettable quests individually or as a worlds-spanning campaign.

Facebook post   2024-06-13 14:24:19

Newly arrived

Facebook post   2024-06-11 22:07:08

Lorcana Ursula's Return Set Championship is scheduled for July 21.

Facebook post   2024-06-11 09:01:01

Prerelease events for MTG Modern Horizons III begin this Friday, June 7. Check-in is a half-hour before tournament start. Tournament fires at 6 pm on Friday and 1 pm on Saturday. We have a limited number of @home kits, too.

Facebook post   2024-06-05 15:00:44

Recently arrived at the Gate.

Facebook post   2024-06-05 12:35:01

White Dwarf and limited figure

Facebook post   2024-05-22 23:19:15

This made me laugh.

Facebook post   2024-05-21 20:20:36

Newly arrived at Valhalla's Gate are:
Smug Owls, Marvel Champions Iceman deck, Monikers, Blind Spot, Let's Go Japan, and 10 Days in the USA.

Facebook post   2024-05-21 15:08:21

The newest expansion for the Lorcana TCG releases today (Friday, May 17) for brick and mortar stores. We have Lorcana: Ursula's Return boosters, starter decks, card sleeves, deck boxes, and a few troves and quests.

Facebook post   2024-05-17 09:00:28

Graduation Plague Doctor has arrived just in the nick of time for high school graduation.

Facebook post   2024-05-14 22:14:40

More Ticket to Ride Legends of the West Legacy game had arrived.

Facebook post   2024-05-14 20:03:26

Spicy Dice restock plus the new 4 set Fun Packs, three new card games, and Courtesans arrived today

Facebook post   2024-05-14 17:39:22

Restock on Fallout board game and expansion has arrived.

Facebook post   2024-05-14 15:37:39