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News from The Gate

Puzzles, puzzley games, leather playmats from Grimbeard, dice towers, and dice trays all look better on the shelf. We moved the sale stuff over to the sale wall.

Facebook post   2023-12-02 23:35:06

Lots of restocks arriving daily. Today we restocked Flames of War books and unit cards and Team Yankee. We also rearranged the products to look better. I added some LED lights to better illuminate that section of the store.

Facebook post   2023-12-02 23:32:42

New games releases today -- Farshore (set in Everdell world), Unlock Kids!, Almost Innocent, and Hidden Leaders and the expansion.

Facebook post   2023-12-01 18:05:17

NEW! Eternal Winter Mystery Loot from Foam Brain Games!! Check out this liquid core D20 packed surprise!!

Facebook post   2023-11-30 07:01:34

Just a reminder that we are a drop off site for Toys for Tots. Help us fill our box with toys and games.

Facebook post   2023-11-27 18:55:10

The dice shelves are full! The R4I order came today, so we have plenty of diffusion dice. Die Hard Dice arrived earlier this week and look great on their new packaging. A small restock from Foambrain Games is still on its way, with specialty mystery dice bags. But for now, the dice wall is complete! Metal dice, acrylic dice, silicone/bouncy dice, poly sets, six-sided sets, token dice, loose dice -- we have them all!

Facebook post   2023-11-25 17:23:25

Wavelength is in stock! This is a fun, party game.

Facebook post   2023-11-25 17:14:56

We have been receiving major dice restocks for the past several days. However, these are new -- LED dice. When you roll the dice, they light up. They come in their own special charging case, too. Dice charge in about two hours.

Facebook post   2023-11-25 13:31:03

Want a chance to win a D&D padded chair? Come shop at Valhalla's Gate today for Small Business Saturday.

Facebook post   2023-11-25 12:02:45

Valhalla's Gate Games is a locally-owned, female-run business. We are celebrating Small Business Saturday on November 25 with game specials plus *Can't Miss* Mystery Gifts. We have plenty of parking, too! #shoplocal #ShopSmall

Facebook post   2023-11-25 08:00:52

More dice restocks arrived today! We have one order from R4I dice still outstanding. The shelves are packed with beautiful, clicky clicky dice! Liquid core dice sets are in stock in a spinner on the counter. Those dice are mesmerizing to stare into and play with.

Facebook post   2023-11-24 20:30:41

Two dice advent calendars and one Exit game advent calendar are available now. We have one Pokemon calendar left, too.

Facebook post   2023-11-24 20:23:09

Leather dice trays and dice bags from Grimbeard Leather received some staff attention and a new display. These are great gift ideas!

Facebook post   2023-11-24 20:21:07

We have expanded our dice offerings to include earrings. Each color comes with post or dangly backs. More colors are in stock than are shown in pictures. Earrings can be found in a spin rack on the counter.

Facebook post   2023-11-24 19:06:50

We have expanded our dice offerings to include earrings. Each color comes with post or dangly backs. More colors are in stock than are shown in pictures. Earrings can be found in a spin rack on the counter.

Facebook post   2023-11-24 19:01:32

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Facebook post   2023-11-24 18:29:14

Recent new arrivals include Goliath Coins items and Ty Ball plushies. The coins are so pretty and are cool items to put on your shelves. They would make great gifts!

Facebook post   2023-11-24 18:03:20

The Gate is open today with our regular hours. The only special we have today are board game *Can't Miss* Mystery Gifts. The tag tells you how many players, the appropriate starting age, and estimated have length, many even have hints on the type of game play.

Facebook post   2023-11-24 12:21:24

Arrived on Wednesday, tons of dice restock, new games, Valhalla's Gate-branded dice trays, and Mystery Games. New games include Apiary, Wingspan fan art expansion, Bang Dynamite Box Collector's edition, Bang Collector Box (empty), Mage Noir, Leaf, Ex Libris 2nd edition and expansion, Cascadia Landmarks, Moon River, the Sherlock Files Junior, Dr. Who Yahtzee, GI Joe TCG expansion, World Wonders, and Hidden Leaders.

Facebook post   2023-11-23 17:05:24

Reminder! The Gate will be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving. We will open on Friday. Our only special on Friday will be *Can't Miss* Mystery Games. Here's a sneak peek at the nearly 80 Mystery Games wrapped up as gifts!

Facebook post   2023-11-22 21:18:31

The Gate will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Facebook post   2023-11-19 23:58:05

A customer has left a phone at the counter. Please come back and get it.

Facebook post   2023-11-19 15:09:31

Reminder for this Sunday

Facebook post   2023-11-18 09:32:49

To whomever lost their frozen turkey in our parking lot, we moved it to the sidewalk so it doesn't get run over. It is still frozen, but it won't be for long.

Facebook post   2023-11-17 19:59:48

Recently arrived at the Gate.

Facebook post   2023-11-17 19:57:35